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Small facilities

Eline can be booked solo for small facilities and parties. The set will be 2 x 45 min. She will be singing, playing guitar and piano.

- she can bring her own small sound system

- Bigger parties the facility has to arrange their own

Send an e-mail to book!


Eline Esmee can be booked for festivals with full band. The set will be 45 minutes long consisting of all own work.

Send an e-mail to book!


Eline can operate as a co-writer for other artists and bands. She has experience writing for multiple DJ's and singers.


Known for the songs: ''Deeper then the ocean'' by Wildstylez and ''They pretend'' by Noisecontrollers. 

She writes as a co-writer but also solo at home.

Need a topliner/vocalist?

Send an e-mail to book!

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